Board of Directors

The Meggs Foundation began as a non-profit organization incorporated in the state of North Carolina. Its sole mission in the beginning was to provide funds for Daniel to pay for living expenses and to seek out-of-network treatment at new clinical trials. He was unable to work full-time and also needed help in terms of navigating the health care insurance system.

After Daniel’s passing, the Meggs Foundation applied for 501c3 status that was approved by the State of North Carolina in September 2021. The mission has now shifted to providing financial assistance to young adults throughout the Charlotte metropolitan area.

We have entered into a referral agreement with Levine Cancer Institute to identify qualified young adults to receive our assistance. We also welcome the opportunity to work with other health care providers through similar referral agreements.

The grant and application process will be administered directly by The Meggs Foundation Board of Directors. There is no paid staff and minimal administrative costs except for the hosting of events.

The Meggs Foundation is governed as a cooperative Board with all members having equal say and vote. There are currently 8 Board Members comprised of four couples. The Board has a rich history of corporate and philanthropic activities to draw upon in the governance of the Board. Each serves for 2 year terms that can be renewed at the option of the Board member.


Rich Greenhagen
Grunnel Greenhagen
John Ragland
Kathy Ragland
Jeff Lee
Kate Lee
Eddie Winslett
Carol Winslett